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Act now to end child slavery in the chocolate industry

Much of the chocolate we enjoy may be tainted by child slavery. Anti-Slavery International’s latest research shows the continuation of child trafficking, a form of modern slavery, to cocoa farms in the Ivory Coast, which produces almost 40% of the world’s cocoa. Instead of going to school young boys are forced to spend long days hacking open cocoa pods with machetes, handling dangerous pesticides and carrying heavy loads - work that is deemed extremely hazardous, can lead to injury and ill-health, and that no young child should have to do.

Many global companies make large profits from cocoa produced by children in slavery working in the cocoa sector in the Ivory Coast. Big multinational commodity trading companies buy cocoa sourced from Ivorian cocoa farms where children in slavery are frequently found, and export it to the global brands which make and sell chocolate worldwide. 

Sustained action from concerned consumers has helped pressure some of the world’s major chocolate companies to take responsibility to help end the appalling practice of using child slaves within cocoa production. However, the ‘middlemen’ trading companies have quietly sat by and done little to tackle the issue, failing to take their proper share of responsibility for the part they play in the problem, whilst continuing to make large amounts of money from trading cocoa.

This is why we need your action to target cocoa traders- Cargill, ADM and Barry Callebaut - and tell them they must increase their efforts to end child slavery in the industry.

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boys carrying cocoa

Children are still being trafficked into cocoa farms in Ivory Coast.  “At night it was difficult to sleep because of the pains in my body, and then we had to get up at 04.00 and work until 16.00. I was always tired.” said Abdoulaye from Burkina Faso, who worked on the cocoa farm for several months at the age of nine.
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