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Protect Victims of Slavery in the UK

Join our campaign to ensure every victim of modern slavery in Britain is protected and supported. Together we can improve the system protecting victims of modern slavery, regardless of their immigration status.

Victims of modern slavery often have been through hell, yet too often they fail to get the support they need, while traffickers get away with their crimes.

People are still falling through the cracks of the National Referral Mechanism, in which potential cases are referred and through which victims can access relevant support, yet those who are referred are often not recognised as victims of trafficking.

Many victims from outside the EU are treated as immigration offenders rather than victims of a serious crime, often facing immediate deportation, and often the risk of being re-trafficked. Long-term support beyond the statutory 45 days of the ‘reflection period’ is rarely a reality, while the trauma of being trafficked can last a lifetime.

They are also less likely to act as witnesses in court and help prosecute the perpetrators.

Only when all victims of slavery are protected can the UK Government claim they are world leaders in the anti-slavery fight.


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