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The Reporter summer 2012
Summer 2012: Forced labour in Uzbekistan special issue
Foreword by Anti-Slavery International's Supply Chain Programme Co-ordinator Joanna Ewart-James
Feature: "Who can you trust in fashion?" by Esther Freeman, founder of ethical fashion group Fashion Mob
Feature: "Forced to pick cotton for the fatherland", Umida Niyazova, founder of the Uzbek-German Forum for Human Rights explains her country’s reliance on forced labour.
Friends in High Places - Anti-Slavery's Advocacy Officer Kate Willingham explains the role the international community in putting pressure on Uzbekistan.

Winter 2012
Feature: “He didn’t consider me to have a soul.” Thousands of girls and young women are forced into sexual slavery in Niger and northern Nigeria.
Voice from the field: Anti-Slavery activists under threat in Tanzania.

Autumn 2011
Feature: Breaking the spell of juju. London detective inspector describes the influence of voodoo in trafficking Nigerian women.
Voice from the field: Interview with a British man trafficked into forced labour in Sweden.

Summer 2011
Feature: "Slavery on the High Street" - Anti-Slavery International's report's finding on widespread use of forced labour in Indian garment industry
Voice from the field: Adapting the life of former Sudanese slave Mende Nazer for the theatre.
History: Review of a biography of the early 20th century abolitionist Roger Casement. 

Spring 2011

Feature: Taking a look at the slavery issues covered by the Unreported World TV series.
Voice from the field: Top OSCE official calls for governments to do more to fight trafficking.
History: UK colonial legacy in Kenya.

Winter 2011
Feature: The cost of living. How Nepali migrant workers are trafficked to the middle east.
Voice from the field:  Child domestic workers in Benin.
History: The end of slavery in Sudan?

Autumn 2010
Feature: Uzbekistan’s cotton crimes. How hundreds of thousands of children are forced out of school to pick the cotton harvest each year.
Voice from the field: Supporting bonded labourers in Nepal.
History: Campaigning in the Congo.

Summer 2010
Feature: To say nothing is to consent. Interview with anti-slavery activist from Niger.
Voice from the field: Working to help bonded and child labourers in Karnataka, India.
History: 250th anniversary of the birth of abolitionist Thomas Clarkson.

Spring 2010
Feature: All that glitters is not gold. Child micah miners in Jharkand, India.
Voice from the field: Child camel jockeys in United Arab Emirates.
History: At what price did Haiti win its freedom?

Winter 2010

Feature: Slavery behind closed doors. The abuse of domestic workers across the world.
Voice from the field: Promoting child domestic workers’ rights in Peru.
History: Should African leaders say sorry for the slave trade?

Autumn 2009

Feature: Interview with head of London’s Met Police human trafficking team.
Voice from the field: Tackling rogue gangmasters in the UK
History: Who profited from the Transatlantic Slave Trade?

Summer 2009

Feature: Interview with UN Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Slavery.
Voice from the field: Interview with a Mauritanian anti-slavery activist.

Spring 2009

Feature: South Asia’s toxic debt. The impact of bonded labour across the region.
Voice from the field: A question of caste; missing dimension to Slumdog Millionaire.
History: 170 years of fighting slavery, Anti-Slavery Intentional's timeline.

Winter 2009

Feature: The invisible children. The trafficking of children into domestic slavery in the UK.
Voice from the field: Profile of the work of SOS Esclaves, who combat slavery in Mauritania.

Autumn 2008

Feature: Lost tribal girls of India. The trafficking of minorities from rural areas of India into domestic slavery.
Voice from the field: Conversations with child domestic worker activists from around the world.