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'Reporter' Magazine

The Reporter magazine is a flagship Anti-Slavery supporter magazine. It was established in 1825 and has been continuously published since 1840. In line with the tradition we bring you news about slavery issues, new manifestations of slavery and updates on trends and debates. It is published bi-annually.
See below the recent issues and some handpicked articles from older editions.

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Reporter Summer 2016
Reporter Autumn 2016 (2250.28KB) issue examines big challenges that lie ahead of us, namely the risks of trafficking for thousands of unaccompanied children refugees making their way to Europe, as well as how Brexit might affect the way Europe and Britain tackle modern slavery.
Includes news on our new work in Tanzania, analysis of new India's child labour law, and report from our protect to protect potential migrants to the Gulf.  

Reporter Summer 2016
Summer 2016 issue is focused on women, their special vulnerabilities to slavery and extra mile they have to go against it. Special feature and a gallery of Mauritanian women standing up against slavery.
Includes great news of our landmark court victory in Mauritania, and not so great from our campaign to protect domestic workers in the UK. 

Reporter Spring 2016
Spring 2016 with our feature on India's bonded labour in India's brick kilns'.
Our voice from the field comes from India's brick kilns' and from Peru where we're working to support child domestic workers.
Including comment pieces from our Director, Aidan McQuade, and the historian Richard Huzzey on the inclusion of slavery within the development agenda, past and present. 

Reporter 2015
Spring 2015 with our feature 'Talibés' brighter future, Senegal on the verge of a breakthrough in tackling forced child begging.'
Our voice from the field comes from Nepal where we're working to improve access to quality education for children from families affected by bonded labour.
We also feature a new report on trafficking for forced criminal exploitation and forced begging across Europe.
Reporter 2014       Summer 2014 in our special edition of the Reporter to celebrate our 175th Anniversary, we include a comment piece from our patron, Steve McQueen, who explains why he won't be celebrating.
Our voice from the field comes from Senegal where we are using education and collective action to help end child marriage.
We also include a special edition of our supporter corner.
Reporter autumn 2013
Autumn 2013 with our feature on the challenges and successes of involving child domestic workers in advocating for their own rights.
Our voice from the field comes from Tanzania where we work with child domestic workers in the Lake Zone.
Reporter spring 2013
     Spring 2013 with our feature 'Out of the Shadows, Child Marriage and Slavery' and with news of our RACE in Europe project.
Our voice from the field explores what it's like to be an anti-slavery activist in Mali.
We also include a comment piece from historian Dr Nick Draper who explores the compensation granted to British slave owners after the abolition of the Transatlantic slave trade.

The Reporter summer 2012
Summer 2012: Forced labour in Uzbekistan special issue
Foreword by Anti-Slavery International's Supply Chain Programme Co-ordinator Joanna Ewart-James
Feature: "Who can you trust in fashion?" by Esther Freeman, founder of ethical fashion group Fashion Mob
Feature: "Forced to pick cotton for the fatherland", Umida Niyazova, founder of the Uzbek-German Forum for Human Rights explains her country’s reliance on forced labour.
Friends in High Places - Anti-Slavery's Advocacy Officer Kate Willingham explains the role the international community in putting pressure on Uzbekistan.

Winter 2012
Feature: “He didn’t consider me to have a soul.” Thousands of girls and young women are forced into sexual slavery in Niger and northern Nigeria.
Voice from the field: Anti-Slavery activists under threat in Tanzania.

Autumn 2011
Feature: Breaking the spell of juju. London detective inspector describes the influence of voodoo in trafficking Nigerian women.
Voice from the field: Interview with a British man trafficked into forced labour in Sweden.

Summer 2011
Feature: "Slavery on the High Street" - Anti-Slavery International's report's finding on widespread use of forced labour in Indian garment industry
Voice from the field: Adapting the life of former Sudanese slave Mende Nazer for the theatre.
History: Review of a biography of the early 20th century abolitionist Roger Casement. 

Spring 2011

Feature: Taking a look at the slavery issues covered by the Unreported World TV series.
Voice from the field: Top OSCE official calls for governments to do more to fight trafficking.
History: UK colonial legacy in Kenya.

Winter 2011
Feature: The cost of living. How Nepali migrant workers are trafficked to the middle east.
Voice from the field:  Child domestic workers in Benin.
History: The end of slavery in Sudan?

Autumn 2010
Feature: Uzbekistan’s cotton crimes. How hundreds of thousands of children are forced out of school to pick the cotton harvest each year.
Voice from the field: Supporting bonded labourers in Nepal.
History: Campaigning in the Congo.

Summer 2010
Feature: To say nothing is to consent. Interview with anti-slavery activist from Niger.
Voice from the field: Working to help bonded and child labourers in Karnataka, India.
History: 250th anniversary of the birth of abolitionist Thomas Clarkson.

Spring 2010
Feature: All that glitters is not gold. Child micah miners in Jharkand, India.
Voice from the field: Child camel jockeys in United Arab Emirates.
History: At what price did Haiti win its freedom?

Winter 2010

Feature: Slavery behind closed doors. The abuse of domestic workers across the world.
Voice from the field: Promoting child domestic workers’ rights in Peru.
History: Should African leaders say sorry for the slave trade?

Autumn 2009

Feature: Interview with head of London’s Met Police human trafficking team.
Voice from the field: Tackling rogue gangmasters in the UK
History: Who profited from the Transatlantic Slave Trade?

Summer 2009

Feature: Interview with UN Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Slavery.
Voice from the field: Interview with a Mauritanian anti-slavery activist.

Spring 2009

Feature: South Asia’s toxic debt. The impact of bonded labour across the region.
Voice from the field: A question of caste; missing dimension to Slumdog Millionaire.
History: 170 years of fighting slavery, Anti-Slavery Intentional's timeline.

Winter 2009

Feature: The invisible children. The trafficking of children into domestic slavery in the UK.
Voice from the field: Profile of the work of SOS Esclaves, who combat slavery in Mauritania.

Autumn 2008

Feature: Lost tribal girls of India. The trafficking of minorities from rural areas of India into domestic slavery.
Voice from the field: Conversations with child domestic worker activists from around the world.