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Photographic resources at Anti-Slavery International

Anti-Slavery International has a small but unique collection of historical photographs and images.

The collection includes 200 lantern slides and 200 photographs as well as illustrations, covering such subjects as the Transatlantic Slave Trade, colonial slavery in Portuguese San Thome, and King Leopold's regime in the Belgian Congo.

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You can purchase and download all the images from our online shop at:


Reproduction rights to photographs, slides, lantern slides and prints can be purchased for publication at a fee. Fees are decided on the following scale:

  •   £40 per image for small publishers

  •   £60 per image for large publishers

  •   £100 per image for newspapers

  •   £200 per image for TV

  •   £400 per image for cinematic release

We prefer to send images digitally as email attachments or on CD-rom (P&P will be charged). Please note for some image requests a minimum fee of £10 may be levied and £10 per hour labour charged.

Copyright and permission for reproduction

Permission must be sought before using any of our photographs and the following rules must be applied at all times:

  • The images may not be distorted in any way.

  • There is no permission granted for archiving, sale or transferring to third parties of any photographs.

  • Permission is granted for single use only unless otherwise agreed.

  • All images must be credited to Anti-Slavery International unless otherwise directed. Please note: should the client fail to credit the picture as specified, an additional 50 per cent of the original reproduction fee will be payable. Where the image has been loaned free of charge and the photo credit has been omitted, the client will be charged £40 for use of the image.

  • Images may only be used for a specified and agreed purpose.

  • The images may not be used in any work that might conflict with their original purpose, i.e. to raise awareness about slavery.

  • When using Anti-Slavery International's images please think about the human rights abuses they illustrate and as such they should be used responsibly and with respect for the subjects depicted.

Descent based slavery in Niger, the ankle bracelet denotes this girl's status as enslaved.
© Anti-Slavery International


children in school

Mola and Yoka, victims of atrocities committed in the Belgian Congo circa 1905
© Anti-Slavery International