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Anti-Slavery International publishes a variety of reports. You can download them in a PDF format below. If you want hard copies, please visit our online shop.

Bonded Labour

Reports on the least known but widest used form of slavery today

Domestic Work and Slavery

Our extensive research into exploitation of domestic workers

Child Slavery

Reports on variety of forms of child slavery

Forced Labour

Reports on the most common form of slavery across the world

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Slavery and What We Buy

Research on slavery tainting products we buy today

Human Trafficking

Research on trafficking both in Europe and across the world

Descent based slavery

Descent Based Slavery

Reports on slavery based on descent in West Africa
Child marriage and slavery

Forced Marriage

Reports on child and forced marriage

Slavery in the UK

Slavery in the UK

Extensive research on slavery in Britain today

Slavery in the UK

Other slavery reports

Slavery from general, historical and other perspectives