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sudan reports

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Darfur Abductions: sexual slavery and forced labour
Research by the Darfur Consortium has found that Government supported militia, like the Janjaweed and the Popular Defence Forces, together with the Sudanese Armed Forces, have systematically abducted civilians for the purposes of sexual slavery and forced labour as part of the Darfur conflict. The report investigates the pattern of abductions, the issues behind them, including ethnicity and lack of protection, and concludes with some recommendations to address the abductions.
Darfur Consortium An African and International Civil Society for Darfur 2009
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Is There Slavery in Sudan?
This report summarises information obtained during a fact-finding visit to investigate abductions and slavery in Sudan. It includes illustrated case studies and the Sudan Government's response.
Anti-Slavery International 2001
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Bonded labour is probably the least known but widest used form of slavery today
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children in school

Former Restaveks, child domestic servants, at a summer camp organised as rehabilitation by Foyer Maurice Sixto
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