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slavery today

Although this exploitation is often not called slavery, the conditions are the same. People are sold like objects, forced to work for little or no pay and are at the mercy of their "employers". 

What is Modern Slavery

Millions around the world are forced to lead lives in slavery

Bonded Labour

The least known but widest used form of slavery today

Domestic Work and Slavery

Millions of people are domestic workers. Many of them in slavery

Child Slavery

Millions of children do extremely hazardous work

Forced Labour

Is any work which people are forced to do against their will

green tomato

Slavery in the Supply Chains

What we buy may have been produced through slave labour

Human Trafficking

Using violence, deception or coercion

Descent based slavery

Descent Based Slavery

Some people are born into a slave class or caste

Child marriage and slavery

Child Marriage and Slavery

Read about when child marraige constitutes slavery

Slavery in the UK

Slavery in the UK

There are estimated 13,000 people in slavery in the UK today