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What we do

Anti-Slavery International works at local, national and international levels to eliminate all forms of slavery around the world. Read about our current projects.

How we work

How We Work

Read about our principles and how we design our programmes

Bonded Labour

Bonded Labour

Read about our work in India and Nepal liberating bonded labourers

Domestic Work and Slavery

Domestic work and slavery

We support child and migrant domestic workers globally

Child slavery

Child Slavery

Our work on forms of slavery affecting children

Descent  Based Slavery

Forced Labour  

Working to prevent people being forced to work against their will

Human Trafficking

We work to ensure trafficking victims have the right protection

Descent Based Slavery

Descent Based Slavery

Working in West Africa to tackle slavery based on descent

Slavery in the UK

Slavery in the UK

Working to protect rights of people in slavery in Britain

Slavery and What We Buy

Slavery in supply chains

Working to ensure the products we buy are free from slavery