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Anti-Slavery International has been developing its programme supporting child domestic workers - one of the groups most vulnerable to abuse and exploitation - for more than 15 years, conducting research, leading advocacy and raising awareness on the realities of child domestic workers’ lives.


Our current project in Peru reaches out to children in domestic work, as well as vulnerable children about to enter it, and supports them to build their skills and confidence to claim their own rights. Thousands of children in domestic work have directly benefited since the start of the project.

Working with employers continues to be a challenge due to the fact that children tend to work for neighbours or close family members and for short periods of time, not considering them as their ‘employers’. However, AGTR, our partners in the project, continue to work closely with parents for the improvement of child domestic workers positions.

An important part of the project is a radio program produced by AGTR called “No Somos Invisibles” (We are not invisible) discussing the issues relating to domestic workers. One endorsement of its importance came from the Vice Minister of Labour who made an official announcement on air that the government of Peru approved the Plan of Action 2014 to promote the compliance with labour rights of domestic workers, with a view to ratify the ILO Convention 189.

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Cyprian, former child domestic worker, TanzaniaCyprian, 17, from Tanzania, has been a domestic worker since he was eleven.
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Scarred young girl in TogoChild domestic worker in Togo with scars on her neck