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Anti-Slavery International is a membership organisation which relies on the support of individuals to carry out its vital work. Without the core support of our 2,000 current members we would not be able to continue our work to expose and campaign against slavery in the 21st century. Your subscription will help us to:   
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Anti-Slavery International uses these approaches to achieve effective long-term solutions to the human rights abuses suffered by the millions of people in slavery today. Our work is dependent on our ability to keep up a steady stream of pressure on the issues. Change cannot happen overnight and, as we have seen, concerted action over years can make a difference. Regular subscriptions and donations enable us to make plans for long-term work. Please see our section on making a regular gift, click here.
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bonded labour in India

Bonded labour is probably the least known but widest used form of slavery today
©Pete Pattisson /


children in school in Haiti

Former Restaveks, child domestic servants, at a summer camp organised as rehabilitation by Foyer Maurice Sixto
©Pete Pattisson /