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Fundraisers of the Month

Anti-Slavery are really excited to welcome some new additions to the 'Fundraise for Freedom' Team!

This year 175 enthusiastic supporters of Anti-Slavery International will mark our 175th anniversary by going the extra mile to support the cause. Take a look at what people are doing, get inspired, choose your challenge and join the team.

Alison, Abi and Catie Walk Scotland 
"The girls wanted to do something to help and we thought that a sponsored walk could be just the thing to help raise funds for Anti-Slavery International"

Marion and Esther take on 4 Marathons in 4 days
''Esther & Marion are walking 160km in 4 days for Anti Slavery International because 20 million children & adults are slaves today!’’

''My Dad and I shall be running a marathon in the heat of British summer to raise money for antislavery''

Jack Jones runs Edinburgh Marathon  
"Running the Edinburgh Marathon for Anti-Slavery International because I'm nuts.’’

Padeepa's Swiss Alpine Marathon
"Yes running 78km in the Swiss Alps is a stupid idea, but a great opportunity for me to do some good and get your attention. Being a father to two small children I am thankful that they are healthy, well-looked after and have a lot to look forward to. But there are 8,4 million children that are less fortunate in our world today that don't get the opportunity to be what they are... Children."

Kira's Parachute Jump
"Jumping out of a plane for Anti-Slavery International because human beings are not property"

Anti-Slavery British 10k Team
Throughout 2014 we are marking our 175 anniversary and we plan to go even further by having 175 people to take part in a challenge event. The British 10k team this year will see 50 people run for freedom to show their support toward Anti-Slavery and raise some much needed awareness as well as funds.

Good luck and huge thank you to everyone on the 'Fundraise for Freedom' Team!