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anti-slavery award

Anti-Slavery International instituted the Anti-Slavery Award in 1991 to draw attention to the continuing problem of slavery in the world today and to recognise courageous campaigning by organisations or individuals in the countries most affected.

Nominations are sought from hundreds of organisations around the world and the winner is selected by a panel composed of invited people from a wide background, chosen for their knowledge of the various contemporary forms of slavery.

The winners come from a very diverse background. Winners in previous years included UK’s Justice 4 Domestic Workers, Mauritania’s SOS Esclaves, US’ Coalition of Imokalee Workers and Philipinnes Visayan Forum Foundation.

The recipient is invited to the UK and formally presented with a medal to record the Award.


The winner of the 2012 Anti-Slavery Award is Temedt and its president Ibrahim Ag Idbaltanat for their outstanding dedication and groundbreaking work towards ending slavery in Mali.

Even though it was formally abolished, slavery in Mali still exists, especially in the northern regions of the country. People descended from slaves remain as ‘property’ of their ‘masters’, either living with them and serving them directly or living separately but remaining under their control.

The organisation Temedt has been created in 2006 to specifically address descent-based slavery following the murder of a man of slave descent by a traditional master.

In the past six years, Temedt has held awareness-raising campaigns reaching hundreds of thousands, directly helped liberate and support dozens of enslaved people, provided legal support to victims of slavery, trained magistrates on anti-slavery legislation and lobbied for legal reform to criminalize slavery practices.

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Ibrahim Ag Idbaltant, President of Temedt

2012 Award winner, Ibrahim Ag Idbaltanat , President of Temedt