Anti-Slavery International fundraisers in action
Fundraising doesn’t just raise money to help people escape from slavery and into freedom. It also does an essential job raising awareness and changing attitudes. Your fundraising can help end modern slavery.

Up and down the country, our supporters raise funds which power our work fighting for the rights of those in slavery.

Why not use our event ideas and your imagination to organise your own fundraising event? It may well be the most fun you have this year. Discover our top tips and event ideas in our fundraising action pack. Contact our committed Fundraising team at or phone 020 7501 8937 for support in organising your event. Alternatively fill in the quick contact form below.

Why not take inspiration from our supporters? Hear why they raise funds and awareness for Anti-Slavery International:

Challenge yourself

We do not currently have our own spaces in any events but that doesn’t mean you can’t fundraise. If you have your own space in a running event, anywhere around the world, please get in touch!

Alternatively, we have lots of suggestions for different runs, walks and other challenge events, everywhere in the world, for you to take part in. Visit our challenges page to discover them.

We can provide you with great tips, videos and images, JustGiving page, and your own Anti-Slavery International vest, as well as tons of encouragement and advice. Fill in the form to let us know what you’re planning and how we can help!

Hear how you can help free people from slavery:

Puspal (left) was a bonded labourer in a brick kiln in India.

This is Puspal with her children in the picture. They were held in bonded labour at a brick kiln in India for more than 5 years. They owed a debt, and the brick kiln owners wouldn’t let them leave until it was paid. But no matter how much they worked, what they owed never went down.

“My family had been working in a kiln for 5 years but didn’t seem to be earning any money. In the kiln the work finished only when it finished, it was endless. We did not stop even if we were ill because we feared – what if our debt is increasing? So we didn’t dare to stop. We were kept in the dark about how much we owed. Whenever we asked, the debt was still not paid.”

With your help for our project our partners were able to intervene and help Puspal and Raju escape slavery. The family is now living in temporary accommodation, and thanks to you Raju is now even working with our partners, VSJ, to help others in slavery.

Raise funds for remembrance

Raise funds every 18 October and 25 March in remembrance of the victims of slavery and power the fight against modern slavery.

Every year in March and in the run up to Easter and Passover celebrations, the International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade honours and remembers those who suffered and fought the brutal slavery system. Local anti-slavery groups, union branches, student societies and faith groups organise Anti-Slavery International community events to raise funds and awareness.

On 18 October, Anti-Slavery Day puts pressure on government, local authorities, public institutions and private and public companies to address the scale and scope of human trafficking. We can support you to take action in your community on this date to support the fight against slavery.

Both these days are a call to action, mobilising supporters, community, student and faith groups to stand united in raising funds and awareness.

Will you join us in fundraising for freedom to raise awareness of modern day slavery?

Download our fundraising action pack for helpful tips and ideas, and get in touch by filling in the interest form.

Hear from our Glasgow Anti-Slavery Group leader, Laura Wood, who has been raising awareness about modern slavery, campaigning and fundraising since 2014. She organised an event last March to commemorate the Remembrance Day.