Every gift made to our Christmas appeal will be doubled to help free children like Neysha from slavery

When Neysha* was just 13 years old, a woman came to her village in Tanzania and offered her a domestic job and the chance of a better life. Neysha’s family were very poor, so they reluctantly agreed to let her go.

Neysha was excited about helping her family, but after a few months the woman started forcing Neysha to work every day from morning to late at night and refused to pay her salary.

Then her situation took a turn for the worse. The woman started hitting Neysha and scolding her daily. Neysha didn’t know what to do. She was afraid and far from home.

One day, when Neysha was preparing lunch, she accidentally burned the food. The woman was angry and poured boiling water over Neysha’s hands. Neysha was in terrible pain, but the woman forced her to keep working.


Neysha managed to escape and found a local partner organisation of Anti-Slavery International. They took Neysha to the hospital and then the police station to file a formal complaint.

Neysha was provided with safe accommodation and counselling to help her recover from her ordeal. She was also supported in suing her employer for the wages she was owed. After Neysha had recovered from her injuries and received her wages, she returned home to her family.

Sadly, many children aren’t as fortunate as Neysha and remain trapped in slavery. They feel hopeless and desperately long for their freedom.

Will you give a special Christmas gift to help free them from the misery of slavery so they can live free and happy lives?

Every gift you give before 31 December 2019 will be DOUBLED FOR FREE by a group of anonymous supporters.


Make a gift today and help others like Neysha. Your gift will be doubled for free.

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*Real name and image changed to protect her identity.