Building confidence after domestic exploitation

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Girls working in private homes are very vulnerable to abuse *Name and image changed.

People can be exploited by their family or those close to them, especially if they are considered to be from a lower class in society. Chantin thought she was starting a new life with a new family. Instead, she was exploited and abused.

“My marriage was arranged by my relatives when I was 21 years old. I’m disabled and my family could only give me a small dowry.

My husband used to work as a farmer at a poultry farm. After our wedding, I lived with his family.

My marriage was fine in the beginning, but after a few months things changed. My husband and his family started to beat me. They said I was worthless because my disability meant they had only received a small dowry. I used to work like a servant every day and I was not given enough food.

One time, I got very ill and couldn’t work properly. Instead of taking me to the doctor, my husband beat me for not working and locked me in a room. He took away my cell phone, so I couldn’t call my parents. I was treated like an animal.

“I couldn’t talk about this to anyone. I kept quiet but the abuse kept getting worse.”

I couldn’t talk about this to anyone. I kept quiet but the abuse kept getting worse, my body was black and blue from beatings. They told lies about me and belittled me in front of other people.

After not seeing my parents for a year, my mother came to visit me. She learned about my situation and told my father and brothers. They rescued me from my husband and took me back home.

I never returned.

With the help of Anti-Slavery partner’s SASANE’s paralegal training, I built my confidence and feel I can live on my own and contribute to society.”

*Name and image changed

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