Family in Niger collecting food provided by Anti-Slavery International

Those who are in, or vulnerable to slavery, are amongst the most impoverished people on earth, and the impact of Covid-19 is hitting them the hardest.

In order to protect people from the short term effects of this global pandemic and help prevent an increase in modern slavery in the long term, Anti-Slavery International is providing emergency food, hygiene materials, and education and information to at-risk communities supported by its projects.

Impact in Numbers


  • Trained 54 staff on Covid-19 and best hygiene practices.
  • Distributed food and soap to 360 households of families with children enrolled in our project schools.
  • Set up hand-washing stations in 12 locations, including civic education centres and schools.
  • Provided weekly deliveries of water to 9 communities.
  • Held awareness-raising events on Covid-19 reaching 1580 people.
  • Broadcast 40 radio shows on preventing the spread of Covid-19.


  • Provided emergency food supplies and soaps to over 1710 households in five regions in the Far West of Nepal.

Anti-Slavery Solidarity Fund

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  • Distributed resources such as handwashing facilities, soap, water-boiling devices, bleach and hand gel to 678 vulnerable people of slave descent, survivors, and vulnerable families across 8 regions.


  • Provided Covid-19 emergency support to children in Quranic schools who are forced to beg.
  • Delivered emergency food provisions to adoptive mothers who provide meals and moral support to children in Quranic schools.
  • Distributed health and hygiene kits across the 130 Quranic schools supported by our project.
  • Developed COVID-19 leaflets in 7 national languages.

Alhad and his family

Family receiving Covid-19 emergency food support from Anti-Slavery

Before coronavirus, our living conditions were better. I had an animal trade, and I earned enough to meet all my family’s needs, enough to save. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, this business brings in nothing. I no longer earn enough to look after my family. With this crisis, the cost of living has doubled in price. I was forced to live off my savings as my business was no longer running while waiting for the situation to get better. Today, I have just received food support. I cannot but thank the generous donor. This support is going to give me a little breathing room. These supplies will be enough for my family for a month.

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