CAMPAIGN UPDATE: We’re sorry to report that the Nationality & Borders Bill passed in Parliament unchanged, despite our best collective effort to remove part 5.

This new law will harm victims of human trafficking by blocking them from vital support and making it harder for them to come forward or be identified.

Not only does this mean the Government is not keeping its promises on tackling modern slavery and helping victims, but is also taking us backwards in the fight to put traffickers behind bars.

The Government ignored best practice in safeguarding and victim support, ignored the recommendations of the police, the warnings of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, the expertise of charities, the experiences of survivors, and your opinions as well.

Instead, they forced modern slavery into a hostile immigration law where it doesn’t belong and effectively removed protection hard won through the Modern Slavery Act.

But with your continued support, we will challenge this new legislation as it begins to be implemented. Together, we’ll seek to repeal every hostile law against victims of slavery, so they receive dignity after their ordeal, not additional trauma.

Thank you for standing with the most vulnerable people in our society so they can live in freedom and safety.