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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track my steps?

There are a couple of ways you can keep track of your steps. Most smart phones will have a step counter or, you might like to look into a smart watch or fitbit. There are also apps you can download that can help you keep track of your steps or distance.

Do I have to do a certain amount of steps each day?

No! That’s what is special about Steps to Freedom, you can pick a challenge that suits you, your goals and your lifestyle. If you are looking for motivation to move more every day, then give yourself a daily or weekly step count goal. If you want to take on a one-off challenge why not do a long-distance walk – like one of these?

I am not very fit/have a physical ailment that limits my movement. Can I still take part? 

Absolutely! Steps to Freedom is all about challenging yourself. As Captain Tom Moore showed us, your goal doesn’t have to be big to make a difference.

Is there an entry fee? 

No, instead of an entry fee we encourage you to ask your friends and family to sponsor you. We will help you set up a fundraising page on Facebook or Justgiving to collect donations.

What is the fundraising target?

There is no set fundraising target, you can pick your own, or just aim for as much sponsorship as you can. We will suggest some targets for you to get you started, but remember every pound counts.

Want to know how much you can achieve with your fundraising?

  • £24 could help a child go to school for a year, reducing their vulnerability to child slavery
  • £53 could pay for a cow, and train a former victim of slavery to look after it
  • £183 helps an adult learn a new skill or how to start a small business to earn a livelyhood