Children of slave descent Niger

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We resist for every young child who’s forced to beg on dangerous streets.

We resist for every man, woman and child exploited within supply chains.

We resist for every person working back breaking hours against their will.

We resist modern slavery.


Become a member of Anti Slavery International and you will resist for freedom too. You’ll be part of the movement that refuses to lie down and accept slavery in any form. We will expose slavery wherever it can be found in the world, and we won’t stop resisting until everyone is free.

With your money, you will help dismantle systems of abuse and exploitation, push to change laws and arm people with their rights. And you’ll help survivors use the inhumane treatment they’ve experienced at the hands of their captors to free everyone still trapped in slavery.

Together, we stand as one the free, the survivors, the trapped and those at risk of being trapped. Together, we’ll help everyone resist, fight for their freedom and survive too. Through resistance, freedom will be restored.

Membership benefits

We report
You’ll hear about the difference you’re making directly from survivors with our bi-annual Reporter magazine and annual Impact Report.

We share
You’ll be first to know about vital campaigns and how to get involved.

We meet
You’ll be invited to special events where you can meet other members of the movement and celebrate the courageous actions of people resisting slavery.

How your monthly commitment can create meaningful change:

  • £5 a month could fund vital awareness campaigns to prevent human trafficking
  • £10 a month could educate & safeguard vulnerable people from trafficking risks
  • £15 a month could advocate for stronger laws against modern slavery
  • £25 a month could empower survivors with education & vocational training

Frequently asked questions

How do I join the movement?

You can join by simply making a monthly donation by direct debit or credit card.

Can I become a member if I live abroad?

Yes, by making a monthly donation by credit card.

Can I pay for my membership by post?

If you can’t set up a direct debit or credit card donation, please email and we’ll post you a membership form to complete.