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Please email us below if you would like to get in touch and click here for press enquiries. We’d love to hear from you.

Supporter enquiries

General queries


Please note we do not accept sales calls or respond to marketing emails.

Press Office

With any media queries please call or email the Communications Manager Jessica Turner.

Our spokespeople

  • Jasmine O’Connor, CEO
  • Chloe Cranston, Head of Thematic Advocacy Programmes
  • Ryna Sherazi, Director of Fundraising and Communications
  • Jessica Turner, Communications Manager

UK Head Office address

Anti-Slavery International
The Foundry
17 Oval Way
SE11 5RR

Feedback and complaints

We are accountable, so if you have any query about our fundraising or if you are unhappy with anything we’ve done, you can call us on +44 (0)20 7737 9434, email or post a letter to the Director of Fundraising and Communications. Positive feedback also welcome!

What happens after I submit my feedback?

Your feedback will be logged and passed to the relevant department. If you have requested a response we will aim to acknowledge your feedback within three working days. Complaints will be passed to an appropriate member of staff, usually a manager. We aim to resolve complaints as quickly as possible, usually within 10 working days. Sometimes, we may need to investigate the circumstances surrounding your complaint to ensure we take appropriate action. We will contact you to explain this. When the investigation is complete we will contact you. Read our fundraising complaints policy in full.

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