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Saidou, a survivor of descent-based slavery, who now owns her own business

We all want to leave the world a better place and take comfort in the knowledge that our loved ones will build a better future for themselves, through the legacy we leave.

But for the millions of adults and children still trapped in slavery around the world, a better future can seem out of reach.

When you leave a gift to Anti-Slavery International in your Will, you can help people escape modern slavery and build new lives in freedom.

Even a gift as small as 1% of your estate would make an extraordinary difference to people in desperate need.

In Mauritania, a system of descent-based slavery that’s still in use means that people are born into slavery and are subjected to a life of forced labour. Women and girls are often made to work backbreaking hours under threat of violence and have children also born into slavery. For them, it can be incredibly difficult to escape.

Saidou, pictured above, is one of the women who did manage to flee. Made to work since she was a young child, one day she fell very ill. Her masters refused to help her, so she tried to find help elsewhere. She crawled to the nearby road where she was able to get a lift to the city.

But even there she was faced with stigma and pressure to return to her masters. It was only once she was introduced to our local partner organisation that she was able to start a new life. They arranged for Saidou to have somewhere to live, paid for her medical treatment and eventually supported her to start her own business.

Today, Saidou regularly meets with the women mentors who work for our partner organisation. These mentors – many of whom have escaped slavery themselves – give her skills and advice on how to better integrate into society. Learning these skills is vital for women adapting to a new life with freedom.

By leaving a gift in your Will to Anti-Slavery International, you could transform the lives of people like Saidou and help build a world where every individual can live free from abuse and exploitation.

You can leave any gift which suits your circumstances – a sum of money or a percentage – whatever feels right for you.

“Today, it is inconceivable that slavery still exists. I urge you to help make the world a better and fairer place for all.

Help change forever the lives of people in slavery today by leaving a legacy to Anti-Slavery International.”

Dame Judi Dench, Anti-Slavery International Patron
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