stop slavery
Image credit: Jessica Turner for Anti-Slavery International.

Inspired to educate a new generation of abolitionists? Want to teach your students about the reality of modern slavery? Unsure of where to find age-appropriate content?

Don’t worry! We have a host of resources to hand. Take a look!

Teach others about slavery

Give a school lesson

Designed for children aged 11-14 (KS3), our teaching resources can be used by anyone that wants to learn more about slavery

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Invite a speaker

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Book an assembly/talk from our experienced speaker, Lizzie Muir, to find out more about slavery

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Engage your university

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Be an ambassador or society chair

Help us build the new generation of the anti-slavery movement through your university

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Fundraise for freedom

Fundraise to support our work

Get top tips, ideas and help on how to fundraise at your educational institution

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