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Rod Reeken, Westminster Quakers

Throughout our history, faith groups have played a central role in leading and supporting the Anti-Slavery movement.

From the churches which were the birthplace of the British anti-slavery movement, to the significant role played by Quakers like Joseph Sturge who called for an immediate and true abolition of slavery in the British colonies – many faith groups and individuals of faith have helped to power the anti-slavery movement to the present day.

Today, faith groups are still active in raising funds to combat all forms of slavery.

We are very grateful for the loyal support of:

  • The Holy Trinity Church in Clapham, London
  • Westminster Abbey
  • 32 local Quaker groups, who continue the tradition of anti-slavery activism which led to the founding of Anti-Slavery International (formerly the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society) in 1839
  • Our Passover action sheet  pays tribute to the work of various Jewish groups in support of Anti-Slavery International.

Why I support Anti-Slavery International, by Reverend Iain Whyte:

‘In 1825 Zachary Macaulay, one of William Wilberforce’s closest allies, founded and edited The Anti-Slavery Reporter. In 1848 Ellen Craft and her husband liberated themselves from chattel slavery in the Southern States, and later found refuge in Britain. I have been privileged to meet the descendants of these remarkable people. Today, when there are so many more people in the world enslaved, Anti-Slavery International has dedicated staff like Macaulay, and is in partnership with many courageous men and women throughout the world who, like the Crafts, seek to liberate themselves. That is why I am proud to be a supporter’.

Key resources:

  • Access to our speaker’s network
  • Invitations to our Annual Conference and General Meeting
  • Copies of our Reporter magazine
  • Access to our latest fact sheets and research on modern slavery
  • Campaigning alerts
  • A range of Anti-Slavery branded materials, including products of slavery maps, legacy giving information, collection buckets and leaflets
  • Fundraising action pack
  • Sign up for campaigning alerts

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