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We resist for every young child who’s forced to beg on dangerous streets. We resist for every man, woman and child exploited within supply chains. We resist for every person working back breaking hours against their will.

We resist modern slavery.

Become a member of Anti Slavery International and you will resist for freedom too.

You’ll be part of the movement that refuses to accept slavery in any form. We will expose slavery wherever it can be found in the world, and we won’t stop resisting until everyone is free.

Through resistance, freedom will be restored.

Yes, I’ll join thousands of others resisting slavery and restoring freedom:

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You’ll be invited to special events where you can meet other members of the movement and celebrate the courageous actions of people resisting slavery.

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Founded in 1839, we are the world’s oldest international anti slavery and anti trafficking charity.

Our mission is to stop slavery. But we can’t do it without generous people like you.

We deal with the root causes of slavery and its consequences to achieve sustainable change.

Working together with partners, we untangle person after person from slavery and trafficking and dismantle the systems that enable exploitation.

Regular gifts give us a predictable income so Anti-Slavery International can commit to freeing more people from slavery around the world.

Every donation, no matter the amount, brings us closer to eradicating slavery and human trafficking from our world.

We have members from all over the world. You can join by simply making a monthly donation by direct debit or credit card.

We’ll use your donations in the best way possible to make change happen.

For every £1 you give, 83p is spent on supporting our partners to help free and empower people trapped in modern slavery and trafficking around the world.*

17p is spent on fundraising to generate future income and ensure your donation is still changing lives tomorrow.*

*as of 22/23 Anti-Slavery International annual report.