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Cotton Crimes

Cotton crimes campaign

DEMAND end of cotton crimes from the government of uzbekistan

This year's cotton harvest is underway in Uzbekistan again. Children and adults are forced to pick cotton by hand for in order to fill the shortfall in voluntary adult labour. They receive little, if any, pay.

Each citizen is given a daily quota, which, this year, will be up to 70kg of cotton a day. Those who fail to meet their targets, or who pick a low quality crop, are reportedly punished by detention, told that their grades will suffer or face problems at their day to day workplace. Children who run away from the cotton fields, or who refuse to work, are threatened with expulsion from school or college.

Please join the Cotton Campaign and sign this petition to demand from the Uzbek government to end this practice. Anti-Slavery International and our partners from the Cotton Campaign, will be handing in this petition to the Uzbek embassies in Washington, London, Berlin and Seoul on 29 September.


You may have heard of Daewoo cars or electronics but did you know that Daewoo is the largest processor of slave labour-picked Uzbek cotton?

In Uzbekistan’s last cotton harvest, eleven citizens forced to pick cotton lost their lives. The tragic losses included Tursunali Sadikov, a 63-year old farmer who died of a heart attack after being beaten by an official of the Department of Internal Affairs, and Amirbek Rakhmatov, a six-year schoolboy who accompanied his mother to the cotton fields, napped in a trailer, and suffocated when cotton was loaded on top of him.

Daewoo has continued doing business in Uzbekistan even after publicly acknowledging that the Uzbek government uses forced labour to produce the cotton it buys and processes.

Call on Daewoo to send a strong message to the Uzbek government that forced labour cannot continue by:
  • stopping operations in Uzbekistan and until the ILO has verified this practice has ended.
  • publicly pledging its opposition to the Uzbek government’s forced-labour system.

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