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Cotton crimes campaign

DAEWOO: stop profiting from UZBEK COTTON SLAVERY

You may have heard of Daewoo cars or electronics but did you know that Daewoo is the largest processor of slave labour-picked Uzbek cotton?

The Uzbek government continues to operate one of the largest state-orchestrated systems of forced labour in the world. In 2014, the government forced more than a million citizens to harvest cotton and farmers to grow cotton, all under threat of penalty.

In only the first half of this year, the Uzbek government forced thousands of citizens to prepare cotton fields for planting, brutalized citizens attempting to document forced labour and deported an international labour expert simply for informing a legally registered human rights group about international labour conventions.

Daewoo has continued doing business in Uzbekistan even after publicly acknowledging that the Uzbek government uses forced labour to produce the cotton it buys and processes.

Call on Daewoo to stop profiting from Uzbek cotton slavery and send a strong message to the Uzbek government that forced labour cannot continue by:
  • stopping operations in Uzbekistan and until the ILO has verified this practice has ended.
  • publicly pledging its opposition to the Uzbek government’s forced-labour system.

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