Forced labour in cotton industry in Uzbekistan

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Here in the UK, many of the products we use every day depend on forced labour. In nearly every country in the world, people are pushed into forced labour to make our cotton, coffee, make up, mobile phones and more. Many of the profits of this exploitation are going into the pockets of companies operating right here in the UK 

We believe that ensuring forced labour or other human rights abuses don’t exist in a company’s supply chain shouldn’t be the choice of a company – it must be the law.  

We need a new law to hold business and the public sector to account when they fail to prevent supply chain human rights abuses and environmental harms. 

That’s why  we’re calling for a new UK law to make sure companies do everything they possibly can to ensure their supply chains are free from human rights abuses and environmental destruction.  

We want a law that will compel businesses to undertake effective due diligence, hold companies accountable, help to level the playing field for businesses and enable victims of abuses to access justice. We want the UK government to enact a law that will hold companies to account for profiting from abuse. 

Read more about the law we are calling for in our policy paper

If you believe that products in the UK shouldn’t be made with forced labour, join us in this urgent call for change.