People working in a brick kiln

Add your name: make it illegal to import goods made with forced labour.


We all want to buy goods knowing that nobody has been harmed in making them, but the UK is at an increasing risk of being a dumping ground for goods made using forced labour.

The European Parliament has now approved a new law banning goods made using forced labour from the EU’s internal market. The US and Canada already have similar laws, and Mexico is developing its own.

Unable to sell products made using forced labour in the EU and US, shipments could simply be turned back from ports and sent to the UK, where they would be welcomed.

We all want to be able to live and work in freedom and be paid fairly for that work. Import bans are one important piece in a suite of measures that we need to make a reality.

Import bans are an extremely effective tool for tackling state-imposed forced labour, which is when a government forces people to work against their will, such as what is happening to the Uyghur people in China. They offer a way for workers to receive compensation when harmed and enforce their rights.

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