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14/11/14 Millions suffer as Uzbekistan deploys system of forced labour in the 2014 Uzbek cotton harvest

13/11/14 Anti-Slavery International ‘shocked and concerned’ over reports of arrest of anti-slavery activists in Mauritania

03/11/14 Update: Anti-Slavery International and the UK’s Modern Slavery Bill

08/09/14 Update: UK retailers sign up to project in Thailand to tackle human trafficking in fishing industry

30/09/14 Petition demanding end of forced labour delivered to Uzbek embassy in London

30/09/14 New report: European states fail to protect thousands of people trafficked and forced into crime

23/09/14 Celebrities call on to end modern slavery to mark Anti-Slavery International’s 175th anniversary.

22/08/14 Human rights struggle icon Helen Bamber dies

30/07/14 UK Supreme Court: trafficked people have right to claim damages irrespective of their immigration status

22/07/14 Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group publishes Alternative Modern Slavery Bill

07/05/14 'Into the Unknown' - new report on exploitation of Nepalese migrant domestic workers in Lebanon

08/04/14 Parliamentary Committee on Modern Slavery Bill shows the government the way to go in tackling slavery

03/02/14 Steve McQueen becomes a patron of Anti-Slavery International

24/01/14 Bolivia should not lower minimum employment age say campaigners

11/01/14 '12 Years a Slave' an inspiration for modern day abolitionists

19/12/12 'Criminal or Victim'. Victims of trafficking for forced criminality commonly prosecuted says new report

16/12/13 Modern Slavery Bill Draft fails the victims of slavery

04/12/13 Qatar FIFA World Cup slavery continues despite new evidence and growing pressure

18/11/13 2013 Uzbek cotton harvest with use of forced labour on big scale

31/10/13 UK fails to systematically identify and protect trafficked people say new report by ATMG report

10/09/13 Cotton Campaign supports ILO to monitor Uzbek cotton harvest in spite of interference from Uzbek government

21/06/13 Victims of trafficking win appeals against convictions

13/06/13 UK criminal justice system is losing its fight against trafficking says new ATMG report

11/06/13 ILO Calls on Uzbekistan to End Forced Labour

22/05/13 Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales considers issue of non-punishment in trafficking cases

02/05/13 EU should end trade preferences for Uzbekistan

08/04/13 Cotton Crimes: H&M success and call on Nike to end complicity in Uzbekistan’s slavery

15/03/13 Slavery in Mali during current unrest

25/02/13 Protect 15 Million Child Domestic Workers - International Groups Call for Ratification of ILO Treaty