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Talibés ruling mounts pressure on Senegal   
Talibés ruling mounts pressure on Senegal to deal with forced child begging.
Sarah Mathewson, Africa Programme Co-ordinator. 07 July 2015
Ruling by the African Committee puts Senegal on the spot. The pressure to pass regulatory law is on. Read more...

Angel Benedicto   
From child domestic work exploitation to meeting the Queen.
Jakub Sobik, Press and Digital Media Officer. 23 June 2015
At 16 Angel Benedicto she was a child domestic worker. Yesterday she received the Queen’s Young Leader Award from the hands of the Queen. Read more...

The Council of Europe Trafficking Convention: Magna Carta of Rights of Trafficked Persons   
Council of Europe Trafficking Convention: Magna Carta of Trafficked People.
Klara Skrivankova, Europe Programme and Advocacy Co-ordinator. 18 June 2015
Until the introduction of the Convention, protection for trafficked persons was considered a luxury that could be arbitrarily provided or denied. Read more...

ILO Domestic Work Convention four years on.
Silvia Cormaci, Women and Girls Programme Co-ordinator. 16 June 2015
Today is fourth anniversary of the ILO Domestic Work Convention and we need to do more to protect domestic workers' right worldwide. Read more...

Magna Carta and Slavery.
Aidan McQuade, Director. 15 June 2015
It is tragic that the government of the United Kingdom seems intent on repudiating a considerable part of the United Kingdom’s human rights tradition founded on Magna Carta.  Read more...

Child Labour Day   
Child labour has decreased but no such luck with child slavery. Time to act.
Aidan McQuade, Director. 12 June 2015
Today on Child Labour Day we can recognise some achievements in tackling child labour. But we still fail children in slavery. Read more...

Injustices of Mauritanian criminal justice system. Blog from the trip.
Sarah Mathewson, Africa Programme Co-ordinator. 03 June 2015
I have just returned from a visit to Mauritania, where once again I had a chilling experience of witnessing injustices of the country’s criminal justice system. Read more...

21/05/15 New paper: Behind Closed Doors - Child and Early Marriage as Slavery

18/05/15 "Qatari government’s moves to improve the worker’s conditions is just a PR exercise" - comment after arrest of BBC crew reporting on migrant workers

05/05/15 U.S. Secretary of State urged to maintain Thailand on Tier 3 of the Trafficking in Persons Report

25/04/15 Call on Mauritania to tackle slavery

13/04/15 Uzbek Government Forces Labour & Extorts Funds From Citizens and Corporations - new report

08/04/15 Call on Nepal to act on bonded labour

27/03/15 Brief analysis of Modern Slavery Act
26/03/15 Modern Slavery Bill soured by lack of protection for migrant domestic workers and business responsibility loophole

17/03/15 Government ‘complicit in slavery’ after voting to deny basic protections for overseas domestic workers

17/02/15 Mauritania must immediately release jailed anti-slavery activists and human rights defenders

05/01/15 Voice of Freedom Project: Trafficking of East African women through the Sinai Desert


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bonded labour in India

Bonded labour is probably the least known but widest used form of slavery today
©Pete Pattisson /


children in school in Haiti

Former Restaveks, child domestic servants, at a summer camp organised as rehabilitation by Foyer Maurice Sixto
©Pete Pattisson /