Say “NO” to detaining slavery victims

Tell the government to stop detaining and deporting victims of modern slavery and human trafficking


The UK government’s actions have led us down a dark path – passing new laws that stop victims of slavery and trafficking from accessing safety and support. Instead, vulnerable people who need protection will be:

Denied Safety and Support: The very people who require assistance are being turned away, left to navigate the aftermath of trauma alone.

Criminalised, Detained, and Deported: Victims are being treated as criminals, detained in unjust circumstances, and even faced with deportation – a cycle of trauma that should never be perpetuated.

Re-Trafficked and Re-Traumatised: Instead of the healing environment they deserve, some victims might find themselves back in the clutches of traffickers, enduring more pain.

This is disgraceful. Victims of slavery should have the right to access safe recovery without unjust detention and removal.


We cannot allow this injustice to continue. It’s our duty to advocate for those who’ve suffered unimaginable hardships and ensure they’re not subjected to further trauma by our own policies. Add your name today to stand in solidarity with victims of this awful crime.