Festival legends the Levellers headline at Glastonbury in support of Anti-Slavery International

19 June 2008

The Levellers will perform at Glastonbury’s trade union organised Left Field stage on Thursday 26 June in support of Anti-Slavery International.

Aidan McQuade, Director of Anti-Slavery International said:
“Anti-Slavery International is delighted to be involved with the Left Field again at Glastonbury this year; providing us with a vital opportunity to raise awareness of our work, and festival-goers with the opportunity to show their solidarity with freedom fighters around the world. Slavery is an inhuman and degrading practice which must not be allowed to persist in the 21st century.”

“We are particularly grateful to the Levellers for lending their voice in protest against slavery worldwide by headlining Glastonbury Left Field’s Anti Slavery night.”

Left Field Director Geoff Martin says he’s delighted to have pulled The Levellers in as headliners on the opening night, as they celebrate their 20th birthday: “I’ve been trying to hook the Lev’s in at Left Field for some time now but busy schedules and other slots have always got in the way — I am dead chuffed that we’ve got the band lined up for 2008 and with the guys celebrating 20 years on the streets it’s going to be some night in support of Anti-Slavery International.”

Anti-Slavery International will be in the Left field throughout Glastonbury festival. Come and see us and join the campaign!