Leading UK charitable organisations come together to set up Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group

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16 July 2009

Anti-Slavery International is one of the leading UK non-governmental organisations to set up a new Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group, which aims to ensure that presumed trafficked persons in the UK can access their rights. The group seeks to understand the impact on presumed trafficked persons of the first year of implementation by the UK Government of the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (ECAT); which entered into force in the UK on 01 April 2009.

Group Members are: Amnesty International UK, Anti-Slavery International, ECPAT UK, Helen Bamber Foundation, Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association, Kalayaan, POPPY project, TARA project and UNICEF UK.

Two full time staff will work independently on this project, to gather and analyse evidence of the experiences of presumed trafficked persons in the UK. This project will adhere to the Data Protection Act and information will be used for project purposes only.  A report will be published in May 2010 for public circulation and will be submitted to the Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA). We expect the report to include good practice recommendations for both governmental and non-governmental organisations in the UK and to identify a basic model for effective shadow monitoring.

We hereby invite you or your organisation to contact the Project Coordinator Rebecca Wallace at: r.wallace@antislavery.org if you have an interest in this work and would like to know more.

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