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Our members make everything possible. Because of them we free more people from slavery every year. Because of them we continue the campaign that began over 180 years ago to end slavery once and for all.

Our members share our belief that no one should live in slavery. They share our determination to end it. And because of their support, we get one step closer to doing that every day.

If you share that belief and determination, join us today. You’ll be joining a long line of abolitionists who have never given up hope that all people can live their lives in freedom.

Your membership fees will provide vital income to support our work to free people from slavery across the world. The money we receive from membership fees allows us to plan ahead so that we can make sure we’re providing the best services to support people affected by slavery.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to join the movement?

Membership starts from £5 a month which is just 16 pence a day. Choose your individual membership above and help make slavery a thing of the past.

How do I pay for my membership?

You can join by making a minimum £5 monthly payment by direct debit or credit card. This helps keep administrative costs low which means investing more in life-changing projects worldwide.

Can I become a member if I live abroad?

Yes, by making a minimum £5 monthly payment by credit card

Can I pay for my membership by post?

If you cannot set up a direct debit or pay by credit card, please email and we will send you a membership form to complete.