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We urgently need a UK Business, Human Rights and Environment Act

At Anti-Slavery International, we’re calling on the UK government to introduce a Business, Human Rights and Environment Act.   We believe that consumers should have assurances that the products they’re buying have not been made with forced labour. We believe that the government should create a corporate duty to conduct human… Keep reading »


2021 in action: how you helped us to fight slavery worldwide

It’s a new year and here at Anti-Slavery International, we’ve been reflecting on all the great achievements over the last year. In 2021, thanks to your generous support, we supported a staggering 17,880 people across 21 projects in 10 countries, including Mali, Niger, Mauritania and Tanzania.* Here are some… Keep reading »

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Climate change: highlighting the links between climate change, environmental damage and contemporary slavery

Dr Chris O’Connell highlights the increasing link between climate change and modern slavery, including the work of a recent conference on this critical issue. Image via Shutterstock. Contemporary slavery, environmental destruction and climate change are intrinsically connected and mutually reinforcing. This was the key message that emerged from an international… Keep reading »


COP26: least developed countries left in the lurch

Fran Witt, Climate Change and Modern Slavery Adviser at Anti-Slavery International, reflects on attending COP26 and its outcomes. Image by Markus Spiske, via Unsplash. This year climate vulnerable countries, and civil society, came together as never before to elevate the issue of loss and damage finance and to demand… Keep reading »

COP26 UN climate change Summit – a big opportunity

In November the UK will host the COP26 UN climate change summit. Anti-Slavery International’s climate change and modern slavery advisor Fran Witt asks what world leaders could do to tackle the related issues of climate change and modern slavery. You might wonder what climate breakdown and human rights… Keep reading »