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The situation in Ukraine: key resources and how you can help

We join the international outrage at the ongoing invasion of Ukraine and stand in support of the Ukrainian people. Our concerns about the safety and wellbeing of those fleeing this violence, many of whom who will likely find themselves increasingly vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation, are deep and multi-faceted. The… Keep reading »


2021 in action: how you helped us to fight slavery worldwide

It’s a new year and here at Anti-Slavery International, we’ve been reflecting on all the great achievements over the last year. In 2021, thanks to your generous support, we supported a staggering 17,880 people across 21 projects in 10 countries, including Mali, Niger, Mauritania and Tanzania.* Here are some… Keep reading »

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The Beijing Winter Olympics: not fun and games

As we approach the Winter Olympics in Beijing, Georgina Russell, Fundraising and Communications Assistant, explains the horrific practice of forced labour in the Uyghur region and the human rights implications of the games. Image via Shutterstock. As the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing start to appear on our screens; we… Keep reading »


International Migrants Day: how we’re working to reduce migrant workers’ vulnerability to modern slavery

This International Migrants Day, Cristina Patriarca, Safe Migration Officer, highlights the link between migration and modern slavery, examining how we’re working to protect migrant workers overseas. Image via Shutterstock. The numbers are clear: there are more people experiencing slavery today than at any other point in history. Despite the… Keep reading »

COP26 UN climate change Summit – a big opportunity

In November the UK will host the COP26 UN climate change summit. Anti-Slavery International’s climate change and modern slavery advisor Fran Witt asks what world leaders could do to tackle the related issues of climate change and modern slavery. You might wonder what climate breakdown and human rights… Keep reading »

Climate change and modern slavery: a vicious circle

Climate change and modern slavery are serious challenges that need to be tackled together. Extreme weather events are becoming more common – satellite image from NASA, via Unsplash. Climate change affects everyone. Changing weather patterns have left millions of people at risk of losing their homes and livelihoods;… Keep reading »