6 easy ways to be an anti-slavery champion

child slavery in India brick kiln industry
Photo: Bharat Patel

Ending slavery will take great effort and determination. But by taking these six easy actions you can be an anti-slavery champion and help end modern slavery around the world.

1. Arm yourself with knowledge

The more we know about slavery in all its forms, the more we can do to end it. Take our short quiz about the facts of modern slavery and arm yourself with the knowledge to join the fight against it.

2. Learn to spot the signs

Slavery is happening all around us and persists because it’s easy to hide. We need to be vigilant and to know what to do if we suspect that people around us are being forced into labour and controlled by others. Increase your knowledge of the signs of slavery by taking this quick test now.

3. Join the movement

We provide care for victims of modern slavery, run programmes to rebuild lives, and lobby governments and businesses to protect vulnerable people. This is only possible thanks to our members. Join our movement today and unite with others to end slavery once and for all. Or why not consider making a one-off donation to help people live their lives in freedom.

4. Use your voice

Victims of slavery need time and support to rebuild their lives, but the UK fails to provide it.  Sign our petition to ensure victims receive proper care and support.

5. Flex your consumer muscles

You have more power than you think. Why not find out what your favourite brands are doing to make sure their goods and services are slavery free? Check whether they have a modern slavery statement on their website, and if not, drop them an email. With the help of our supporters, Anti-Slavery International has achieved countless victories, with businesses acting under pressure from their customers. Let’s keep up the momentum.

6. Shout about it

Share what you know about slavery with friends, families and colleagues and encourage them to take action themselves and become anti-slavery champions too. It only takes a few seconds to share our tweets and Facebook posts.

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