Tell FIFA to compensate abused migrant workers

FIFA must compensate exploited workers and the families of those who’ve been killed constructing the World Cup in Qatar.


Migrant workers have died building football stadiums and infrastructure for the Qatar World Cup while millions more have lost their freedom. This is shameful!

Sign the petition now calling on FIFA to compensate migrant workers and their families for the exploitation and suffering they have endured.

FIFA awarded the 2022 World Cup to Qatar despite the country’s terrible human rights record and poor infrastructure, which would require migrant workers to build.

Migrant workers went to Qatar hoping for a better future, but instead were exploited by recruiters and abused by employers, living in squalid conditions and working all day in the extreme heat with no rest days.

Despite this, FIFA failed to act and won’t pay compensation to workers – despite its own human rights policy stating it will do so where people have been adversely affected by activities associated with FIFA.

Join us and other rights groups in demanding FIFA pay at least $440 million to provide compensation to workers and fund projects to improve worker protections. The sum equals the prize money that FIFA pays teams playing in Qatar – a drop in the ocean compared to the $7 billion in revenue it expects to make from this World Cup.

With the World Cup fast approaching, demand justice now for abused migrant workers in Qatar. Sign now and share with friends to amplify the message and hold FIFA to account.