5 ways to fight slavery this Anti-Slavery Day (18 October)

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Across the globe, a staggering 49.6 million people live in modern slavery. Roughly a quarter are children.

Modern slavery is all around us, often hidden in plain sight. People can become enslaved making our clothes, picking our crops, working in factories, or working in houses as cooks, cleaners or nannies.

Victims of modern slavery might face violence or threats, be forced into inescapable debt, or have their passport taken away and face being threatened with detention and deportation.

Many people have fallen into this trap because they were trying to escape poverty or insecurity, improve their lives and support their families. Now, they can’t leave.

This year we’re joining other charities in a Coalition to Stop Slavery, to take public awareness to a level where everyone can see that ending modern slavery is our concern, and is possible.

This Anti-Slavery Day, 18 October, join us in the fight against slavery and help us to free and empower people across the globe.

Here’s how you can help – in five simple steps!

1. Campaign for change

Modern slavery and forced labour can be behind all sorts of products we use on a regular basis, from the clothes we wear to the food we eat and the gadgets we use every day.

We know that the Government can do much more to ensure that goods tainted by modern slavery are not sold in the UK.

Help call on the Government to change the law right now by signing our petition with other charities, calling for a ban of all goods made with forced labour in the UK.

2. Join the movement

We resist modern slavery for all people whose freedom is withheld. Become a member of Anti-Slavery International and you will resist too. With your regular gift, you will help dismantle systems of abuse and exploitation, push to change laws and arm people with their rights.

Join today to resist modern slavery and restore freedom for everyone, everywhere, always.

3. Spot the signs

Without realising, you’ll probably encounter people living in modern slavery on a daily basis.

Slavery isn’t as obvious as it used to be, so we might not notice that someone is enslaved, but look closer and you might spot more worrying traits. What are the signs of slavery and how can we help?

Along with the Coalition to Stop Slavery, we’re sharing the key signs of slavery, so that you can find out what you can do if you suspect someone is being exploited.

4. Fundraise for freedom

There are lots of ways you can raise money to fight slavery – whether you like running, cooking or want to come up with your own unique challenge.

You could:

  • Make your steps count by doing a sponsored walk, run or dance
  • Give up your favourite thing – perhaps it’s coffee or your Friday treat – then donate what you would have spent
  • Double your impact by asking your employer if they will match the money you raise, to boost your fundraising and help twice as many people

Your imagination’s the limit!

5. Learn more

Learn as much as you can about modern slavery. Find out where and how it happens and what forms it takes.

Take our modern slavery quiz and test your knowledge. The more we know about it in all its forms, the more we can do to resist slavery and restore people’s freedom.

This Anti-Slavery Day, let’s not forget the tens of millions of people suffering in silence. Please take action today. And don’t forget to share this blog, our tweets and Facebook posts with your friends and family so that we can help bring freedom from slavery to everyone, everywhere.

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