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How the RNA process created yet another “hostile environment”

25 April 2022 Kimberley – policy and monitoring assistant at Anti-Slavery International and co-author of our most recent report “One day at a time” – talks about the hostile environment created for survivors of modern slavery. Today, the Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group and Anti-Slavery International… Keep reading »

Okay Google, what’s the RNA?

26 April 2022 Today, the Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group, hosted by Anti-Slavery International, launches “One day at a time”, a report looking at the Recovery Needs Assessment (RNA). Co-author of the report, Olly, sheds light on the report and on the RNA process itself. Image via unsplash. As someone who has… Keep reading »

One day at a time: shedding light on the Recovery Needs Assessment (RNA)

Today, the Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group and chair Anti-Slavery International launch the first report looking at the experience of the Recovery Needs Assessment (RNA) process. The new report entitled “One day at a time” charters the first-hand experiences of, not only those on the receiving end of support, but also the… Keep reading »

Rwanda: asylum seekers need protection from traffickers, not camps

21 April 2022 Jamie Fookes, Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group Coordinator, discusses the risks of human trafficking given the UK Government’s recent announcement that it would be sending asylum seekers to Rwanda. Image via Shutterstock. At the end of last week, the Home Office announced its reckless and cruel plan to send… Keep reading »

Nationality and Borders Bill

The Nationality and Borders Bill will harm victims of modern slavery

James Fookes, ATMG Co-ordinator, explains our concerns around the Nationality and Borders Bill. Image via Shutterstock. The Nationality and Borders Bill passed through the House of Commons unamended late last year. It is now making its way through the House of Lords where discussions on amendments to part 5… Keep reading »


2021 in action: how you helped us to fight slavery worldwide

It’s a new year and here at Anti-Slavery International, we’ve been reflecting on all the great achievements over the last year. In 2021, thanks to your generous support, we supported a staggering 17,880 people across 21 projects in 10 countries, including Mali, Niger, Mauritania and Tanzania.* Here are some… Keep reading »


Child slavery: denying children the right to an education

As we mark International Day of Education, Kate Alsayed-Ali, International Advocacy Manager at Anti-Slavery International, explains the brutal cycle of child slavery and educational exclusion. Image via Shutterstock. On 24 January, we mark International Day of Education. And with good reason: education is a critical human right for… Keep reading »