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2021 in action: how you helped us to fight slavery worldwide

It’s a new year and here at Anti-Slavery International, we’ve been reflecting on all the great achievements over the last year. In 2021, thanks to your generous support, we supported a staggering 17,880 people across 21 projects in 10 countries, including Mali, Niger, Mauritania and Tanzania.* Here are some… Keep reading »


Child slavery: denying children the right to an education

As we mark International Day of Education, Kate Alsayed-Ali, International Advocacy Manager at Anti-Slavery International, explains the brutal cycle of child slavery and educational exclusion. Image via Shutterstock. On 24 January, we mark International Day of Education. And with good reason: education is a critical human right for… Keep reading »

Child holding the hand of a women in black and white

Mrs F’s fight for freedom and justice

Niger has been found guilty of trivialising legal justice for survivors of modern slavery by the West African Court of Justice. Mohamed Camara, our Africa Programme Officer, shares Mrs F’s fight for freedom and justice. Credit: Ramadhan Azmi via Unsplash Mrs F was born into slavery… Keep reading »

Boys who grew up in slavery in Mauritania

Mauritania: appeal court decision “another setback”

Press release Said and Yarg 25 November 2016 Minority Rights Group International (MRG) and Anti-Slavery International (ASI) are disappointed at outcome of the appeal in the Said and Yarg slavery case yesterday in Mauritania. Although the Court of Appeal in its decision increased the level of compensation awarded to the… Keep reading »

Abolition of slavery - Mauritania

Celebrating women who resist slavery

For International Women’s Day 2023, we’ve been thinking about women who inspire us. We hear lots of devastating stories about women around the world whose rights are being violated due to trafficking, forced labour, and other forms of slavery. But there are also lots of stories of empowerment. Stories about… Keep reading »

Slavery in Mali during current unrest

15 March 2013 The recent occupation of northern Mali by separatist and Islamist groups left people of slave descent, many of whom are still in slavery, extremely vulnerable, but Anti-Slavery partners Temedt can play a vital role in re-establishing stability. As the poorest and most marginalized in society, people of… Keep reading »