India in 2019

Addressing debt bondage

Many brick workers in India are trapped in a cycle of debt-bondage, forced to toil in harsh conditions with little recourse to the law.

Anti-Slavery has recently concluded a successful project on this issue.Working with our partners, we supported improvements in working conditions at 31 brick factories and secured
the release of 2,251 workers from debt bondage.

Bindu: story of freedom

Bindu and her family became trapped in debt bondage after moving hundreds of miles away from home to a brickmaking factory in Punjab. Despite assurances of good living conditions, Bindu’s family was forced to live in squalid accommodation, suffering daily threats and violence from the factory owner.

Tragically, Bindu’s brother-inlaw became ill with fever and, without any treatment, died soon after, leading Bindu to contact Anti-Slavery’s local partner for help. Thanks to this interaction, Bindu was able to force the local authorities into action and all workers ultimately were released, received compensation, and were assisted to return home.

Niger slave descend children in school

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