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Child holding the hand of a women in black and white

Mrs F’s fight for freedom and justice

Niger has been found guilty of trivialising legal justice for survivors of modern slavery by the West African Court of Justice. Mohamed Camara, our Africa Programme Officer, shares Mrs F’s fight for freedom and justice. Credit: Ramadhan Azmi via Unsplash Mrs F was born into slavery… Keep reading »

Abolition of slavery - Mauritania

Celebrating women who resist slavery

For International Women’s Day 2023, we’ve been thinking about women who inspire us. We hear lots of devastating stories about women around the world whose rights are being violated due to trafficking, forced labour, and other forms of slavery. But there are also lots of stories of empowerment. Stories about… Keep reading »

Behind Closed Doors: Child Marriage as Slavery

21 May 2015 Anti-Slavery International argues in a newly published paper that the levels of abuse, exploitation and control experienced by children as a result of child and early marriage can often meet international legal definitions of slavery and slavery-like practices, such as forced labour and trafficking. The issue of… Keep reading »