We aim to demonstrate the following values through our work, both internally and externally:


We work at all levels for long-term, sustainable, systemic change, challenging power structures, persisting until our aims have been achieved.


We are a knowledgeable and reliable organisation whose positions are developed through sustained human rights-based work with affected peoples and communities, and through rigorous, evidence-based research.


We are an independent organisation whose decisions, actions and positions are drawn from a human rights-based approach to driving targeted social change, are consistently applied and are not shaped by vested interests such as governments or corporations.


We are committed to fairness, non-discrimination and mutual respect, both internally and externally, in all of our decisions and actions, and the impartial fulfilment of each person’s human rights and dignity, including where this may involve taking affirmative action in favour of disadvantaged individuals and groups.


We are responsible to a range of groups and individuals, both internally and externally, for the integrity of our actions and decisions, demonstrated through a proactive culture of openness and transparency.


We are strengthened by working together, through respectful, participatory collaboration and consultation, proactively identifying and involving marginalised and vulnerable groups.