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At Anti-Slavery International, we are committed to ensuring accountability to our stakeholders and to delivering quality programmes guided by agreed codes and standards.

Commitment to Accountability

Anti-Slavery International adopted a voluntary Commitment to Accountability in accordance with an open information approach. Full details of our approach to sharing information, including what we chose to protect and why, is included in our Open Information Policy. As a part of this approach, we currently publish the data from three projects to the International Accountability and Transparency Initiative (IATI) register and will publish all new projects from 2017.

As one of our six prioritised organisational values, Anti-Slavery International is committed to being accountable to people affected by and vulnerable to slavery, partner organisations, members and supporters, donors, relevant governments and international institutions, and our staff. This commitment is proactively exercised through open and transparent work practices, such as publishing details of funding and evaluations (see below), sharing information, and responding to requests for information.


Safeguarding Policies

Anti-Slavery International works at local, national and international levels to eliminate all forms of slavery around the world. Many of those with whom we work suffer serious harm and abuse and ensuring their protection is both an organisational and individual responsibility.

Our Safeguarding Policies are a statement of intent that demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding those we encounter and work with from harm and abuse. All representatives of Anti-Slavery International have a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of the people that the organisation comes into contact with and to implement the policies and procedures contained within our Safeguarding Framework. This applies to all board members, all staff, interns and volunteers and all consultants and others who visit programmes in the name of Anti-Slavery International.

Anti-Slavery International works with and through local partner organisations in a large number of countries. We recognise that effective safeguarding policies need to reflect the specific legal and cultural contexts in which our local partners are working. Whilst our partners are aware of the provisions of the Anti-Slavery International Safeguarding Policies, primary importance is placed on supporting partners to develop their own safeguarding policies and procedures.

Other policies


We are committed to publish our project evaluations as soon as they are completed.

More evaluations and policies will be added in the near future.